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Is there a way to block anonymous comments on your journal? Because I keep getting spammed by this same anonymous person about ugg boots.


Faberry fanfic search

Rachel is a taxi driver, working to pay for her school in New York. Quinn is her costumer for the night. Rachel gets to know her and sees sadness. Quinn forgets her wallet back at her old room; old because she tells her that her ex-girlfriend and her broke up because she found her with Brittany, Santana's old love. I'm not sure if there is G!P or not. I would really appreciate it if someone could find this fanfic for me. I am still waiting for someone to find the Lucy fic I was searching for. The rating, I believe is adult.

Found: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8633073/1/New-York-Baby
Author: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2527241/Kendarrr

Happy Birthday Shanejayell

Your fanfiction (and I don't remember which one) is what got me started on Shoujo-ai/Yuri after I found out Sailor Uranus and Neptune were a couple. You introduce me to a new world where I happily reside, I read (and still am) your Locket fanfiction major-crossover which became a huge inspiration to me. So, thank you for writing all these amazing fanfiction and I've been exploring some of your fiction as well. I know I don't know you that well, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday because I hope you can see how much you and your works are appreciated by many. I hope all your birthday wishes come true.


St Trinian's Fanfiction search

I'm looking for two fanfics.
1. You find out how Kelly was chosen by the previous headgirl; she was tested with the same prank pulled on Annabelle but unlike Annabelle, Kelly calmly walked back to her rooms not caring; being confident.
2. St Trinian's puts on a play. The fanfic was called: Merry Christmas Everyone! Does anyone remember who that fanfic was by?


I got my scripting class again. But, I wanted to share a script I have to LJ. But every time I try to copy the script to here or other places, the format is changed completely, messing up all I have. And then LJ counted my account as "inactive" just because I haven't posted to my journal. Yesterday I made plenty of comments on other people's stories, so wouldn't that count as being active?
Hello. Um, this post is for any artist. Basically please come join polyvore.com and join the femslash group: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=55013,basically to show that there are people who like femslash and that it does exist. I was doing a banner for a fanfic and got permission from the author to do so and one of my contacts...actually quite a few called it disgusting and yeah I dleted the comments but it did get to me.I politely told one of the poepl off and then when others posted she went like, "see other people find it disgusting too :p"  So please help me out. Thank you for your time. The femsalsh group is for any fandom. Harry potter included.

My collections:

Without you

June 8, 2007
Without You
My spirit is dead
My spirit has left my body
All my passion has disappeared from my being
I walk in the hallways alone and run away when my friends approach
Tears come and go as I dress in black
My hat covering my eyes, hiding my tears
My heart doesn’t beat like it used to
So many times I’ve asked myself, “Where are you, Jenn,” expecting an answer would arrive
It didn’t and it left me dead and crushed inside
You were the reason I survived freshman year, all because of the love you gave me
Haven’t heard from you in two months
And I’ve cried every night, asking myself, “What have I done?”
I’ve never regarded myself as high as I should
Only my poems and nothing else
Then I feel so inadequate
I’m shy, scared and idiotic
I’m only good at writing and my art…has become somewhat stupid
But, when you came in my life, I became less shy and more confident
But, two months have passed and I never received your words of love
You’ve disappeared
And without you, I’ve become that shy girl again; who thinks less of me
Without you, I feel like I should be dead
No blood flowing through me, no worried words from my friends
Not bothering anyone again
It hurts when I see couples kissing at school, receiving words of love
Because I wish that were you and me
When I was depressed, I drew broken hearts on my papers and my hand
But when you came, those broken hearts turned to full hearts
But without you, I am drawing them again
I even come up with heart translations
Without you, I am nothing
Without you, I am broken
Without you


Just had to present my art in well, Art. I HATE to public speak ..I get too shy, shaky and yeah. It's so annoys me because then i feel weak. I'm not saying I'm strong, but I hate being weak. Anyways the teacher liked me because I got my main points across and spoke from my heart.